About us

       The crew at Landed Gear


Landed Gear was founded in January 2020 by mechanical engineer and designer, Mark Deadrick.  Mark has more than 30 years of product development in automotive, aerospace, cycling, wind energy, and numerous other commercial areas.   Landed Gear focuses its development on high-quality, American-made products that owners can be proud of.  mark@landedgear.com

Peter Clode, is a master fabricator, specializing in advanced composites, metals, and electrical systems.   Peter helps develop Landed Gear products, many of which have not yet been released.  His experience is in aerospace, sporting equipment, and automotive prototypes.  Peter is a native of New Zealand, with a degree in Geology (Peter Rocks!), and is former professional Triathlete.  When you schedule a custom installation, Peter leads the team.  peter@landedgear.com

Vanessa Dangerfield, aka 'Van Danger' is the marketing and promotion visionary behind Landed Gear. Vanessa has a diverse background in marketing for several Fortune 500 companies along with several degrees and a career in Nursing. She enjoys the outdoors and exploring.