What We Do

We make equipment and products for people who want to explore and make their vehicles their own. Our products and modifications make it possible to extend that journey. Our first product designed and manufactured in-house with locally-sourced components is the popular spare tire rack for the Promaster. We now have other products--a rear door ladder, switch covers for the Winnebago class B vans and more coming soon!

We have a full machine and fabrication shop and can also do conversion and modification work. If you have something in mind, talk to us, the easiest way you can reach us is at: info@landedgear.com

We are also partnering with companies that offer great products that support the Landed Gear mission such as Vanmade Gear, Sumo Springs, Zamp Solar, Rolef and more to come as we continue to grow and expand our services and products.

What makes us stand out is our people--from our staff to our partners and a background in engineering from aerospace, automotive, sporting equipment and composites to name a few with a shared passion for the great outdoors and a love for adventure.

We love connecting with our customers and talking about how you have customized your van for your adventures and journeys. We wouldn't be here without your incredible support and we thank you for helping support our vision.

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