Frequently Asked Questions:

I would like to order the mount and have it installed at your shop. How do I go about scheduling an appointment?

In order to schedule an install of the Landed Gear spare tire mount, please purchase the mount you would like to have installed and then email us at to schedule and if you could also let us know the model of van you are bringing in such as a Solis or Hymer that will help us be prepared.

We do the installations from Mon-Fri from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. as the latest appointment.

The left-side mount takes approximately 1 ½ hours and labor is $150 and the right-side mount takes 1 hour and labor is $125.

In general, our labor charge is $125/hr.

 Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The fastest way to reach us is at but you can also call us at (858)717-7319.

Can you recommend a place that can install your mount? I am too far to drive to San Diego to have Landed Gear install it:

Yes, check out our list of authorized installers.

How well does this style of tire mount hold up over time? Does the hardware bolt to a frame structure inside the door or only bolts to the metal skin of the door? How is operation of the door affected by adding the tire to the door? Has this style of tire mount been in production for many years? i.e. how well does this design stand the test of time?

We rely on a large spread of mounting pads, each having a large surface area, to sandwich the carrier to the outer door skin.  We do have braces on the lower points that bridge between the inner and outer door skins.  The wheel weighs about 72 lbs.  The mount itself weighs 17 lbs.

We do compare the mount we make to the Summit Bike rack that Winnebago installs on some of the Travato models. They have a similar attachment method, but the cantilever distance with two bikes attached, let’s assume at least 30 lbs each, would have a larger moment than a mounted wheel on our tire carrier.  Our spare tire mount was designed to distribute the load around the full frame.

We have had one installed on our Travato for about 4 years and 65,000 miles with no issues and we have sold over 3000 of these mounts that are on the road with no issues regarding the integrity of the door mount.  The weak point would be if someone backed their van into a wall or object, or a larger truck ran into the spare, which would certainly crush into the door skin.  

How far out does the spare tire rack extend on the van once mounted?Approximately 11" on the right-side mount and 12.56" on the left side mount with license plate relocator.

Does the right or passenger side spare tire mount interfere with the door handle?

The passenger side spare tire mount was designed to allow the right door handle to fully open. 

Passenger side door handle

I would like to have a bike rack in addition to the spare tire mount? Will that work with the Landed Gear spare tire rack?

The spare tire mount works with the Winnebago Travato stock bike racks--Fiamma or Summit bike by installing on the opposite rear door or left-side rear door. You can order that mount on our website in addition to the license plate relocator in order for the license plate to be visible above the spare tire mount.

We have not found a hitch-mounted bike rack that has not worked but please refer to the measurements (see first FAQ) prior to installing or ordering.

Is the spare tire rack easy to install myself?

You can either come down to our facility in San Diego and we will install for you, it takes approximately an hour for the right-side rear door mount (longer if it is on the left-side with the license plate mount) or we can ship to you for installation yourself or to be installed by your own local installer.

Many of our customers have successfully installed the spare tire rack themselves and reported back that it was quick and easy. The spare tire rack kit comes with all of the hardware to install to your vehicle and to install the spare tire to your rack including a multi-size lug wrench and marking template with instruction sheet (to be uploaded here soon). We have installation videos on our Landed Gear YouTube channel.

 Does the spare tire rack work on other vans/Class B vehicles?

The spare tire rack was initially created on our first van--the Ram Promaster chassis on the Winnebago Travato. It works with any of the Ram Promaster chassis', and we have installed the mount on the Hymer, Thor, Solis, Carado, Promaster conversions and other Promaster chassis models. 

We now also make a spare tire mount for the Ford Transit vans.

Can you do other modifications, van conversion, installations?

We offer installation onsite of our spare tire mounts, along with some custom installations of our mount, such as the swap out of the OEM Hymer tire carrier for our door-mounted version. We now also have a ladder and box mount for the Ram Promaster vans, hitch reinforcement for the Solis vans and spare tire mounts and box mounts for the Ford Transit vans. 

I have a Promaster van with the Parksense sensors, what do I need to know before installing the Landed Gear spare tire mount?
The newer Promaster vans come with Parksense sensors on the bumper and so if you have those we have seen and heard if you mount anything below the rear windows that the van will beep when in reverse.

We now offer a raised spare tire mount for either the driver or passenger side door that does not interfere with these sensors.